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It refers to Foreign Exchange Market. This is the market which is completely decentralized and where currencies are traded. FOREX is also known as FX is global market which allows us to trade two currencies against each other. Foreign Exchange market is the largest financial market in the world.

Comex refers to commodity exchange market. Commodity market consists of primary futures and options for trading metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminium). For trading in metals Comex is world’s largest Futures and Options (F&O) market. In this segment we also include energy ( Natural gas, Crude oil etc.)

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We provide best crypto plans. At here we prioritize the value delivered to our clients and accordingly because we have designed our packages, keeping in mind the value and quality of our services with affordability for all.

We generate signals based on technical analysis. While generating recommendations, technical charts are viewed on basis of long term, equilibrium price of the Indices. News and information play a significant role in Indices Pack and it is regularly viewed and considered.

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Customization refers to change according to the customer. In Customization we include the customization of our advisory services according to customer’s need and view.