Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TradeVinder makes sure that whatever information is shared by our clients with us is secure with us and is not used for any illegal purpose. Our team uses the data only for analysis and services that the client has subscribed to us. Whatever our clients will share information with us will not be sold, shared, or exchanged. In our policy, we never ignore the right of privacy of a person.

TradeVinder makes sure that no misuse of information is done.  We collect information from you when you contact us or subscribe to us. We try our best to make our website safe from every kind of threat. Only a limited number of people have access to the information of clients, and it is highly secured. When any information is shared with us by you. It’s because of trust, and we make sure not to break that trust.

The primary purpose of TradeVinder of collecting information is the analysis and making a better understanding of our customers. So that we can give the best services to them. Some necessary information is all that we need, and we always keep in mind is that it should not be leaked anywhere. This privacy policy applies to all the clients and all the services. Whatever our clients share information is verified data for us, and we have the authority to contact them with the information they provide.

If a person is subscribing to our services then this means that the person agrees with all terms and conditions and our privacy policy and in no refund will be initiated. We give you every chance to judge us so once payment is done it will not be refunded.

our forex plan sall terms and conditions and our privacy . 

terms and conditions and our privacy