Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

We believe there are things in life that are more important than money. We will help ensure that financial decisions you make will be aligned with your most important goals.

Our process is focused on establishing whether there will be a good fit in working together. If we both agree, then great. If not, our process is designed to give you clarity about your situation. So even if there’s not a fit, we will have added value and direction for you.

Since we don’t charge by the hour, our clients feel welcome to call us with any questions, issues, or just to brainstorm. We look forward to these calls and take pride in our ability to help our clients in any way we can.

Our fees are very attractive when compared to most brokerage firms and banks. We keep our internal costs low and pass on these efficiencies to our clients.

We have constantly been maintaining a correct calls ratio of over 97% till today with extremely high returns on investments per month subject to the clients following ALL our calls religiously without any further selection / modification / alteration of our recommendations

These recommendations or calls are generated by us but the OPPORTUNITY is not manufactured at our end. Our calls are purely based on the opportunities presented by the current market scenario in a particular commodity. Our signals are recognized by us as an opportunity or a profit earner. Further analyzed for the risks involved and then broadcasted to you along with technical profit booking target levels.

We have a policy of not recommending trades where, though the volumes may be large, but the current trend or direction of the trade might be against the foreseen underlying current or trend. We prefer to wait and let things settle down and enter in the overall trend and direction at better levels rather than simply recommend sell and buy in the same commodity if it rises or falls to certain levels which is a wrong practice as per our philosophy.

Further, there are certain commodities which are termed as “Thin Commodities”, in which, though the volumes are large, the trade is highly volatile and to a very large extent also seems manipulated.

The calls in such commodities are few in numbers, reason being, though outwardly. These may seem very attractive or lucrative but eventually the same turn out to be the worst loss makers. Due to these conditions which are out of a common man’s control. We prefer giving calls with higher safety levels.

The best way to invest in commodities is through a futures contract, which is an agreement to buy or sell a specific quantity of a commodity at a set price at a future time. Futures are available on every category of commodity. Traders use these contracts as prevention towards the risks associated with the price swing of a futures’ implicit trade good or raw material. Trading in commodities involves high risk for amateur investors.

Trading on forex vs commodities markets is similar on certain fronts and different on others. Similar to commodity trading, you can use currency futures on forex to speculate the short term movement of the markets. Another similarity is that you have the benefit of arbitrage with both commodity and forex trading. This implies you can earn returns by taking advantage of the varying exchange rates of the same currency or commodity in different markets. However, when it comes to regulation in forex vs commodities markets, commodities are heavily regulated while forex trading is more loosely regulated.