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The term “CUSTOMIZATION” means action of modifying to suit a particular individual or a task and giving customized services to our customers. In the same way, TradeVinder does customization to fulfill the specific purpose of customer.

Customization is all about providing customized services to our customers.

In customization, TradeVinder works according to client’s demand. For example if any client wants to work in both Forex and Comex market. In such condition, client has an option of customization which helps him to choose according to his demand. This is very simple Client is going to tell us his requirement. As a result, we will convert our service packages according to the need. Client can choose any of the currency with any commodity and can do a customization. We will provide signals to the client according to their customization.

we have one more facility with us. If a customer wants signals in a particular commodity or currency. So, we are ready for that also.

Customization refers to change according to the customer. In Customization we include the customization of our advisory services according to customer’s need and view.

In this segment of our we have focused on need of customer. Here customer can get services modified according to this profile, risk appetite and capacity. Click Here to Buy Now