TradeVinder provides very accurate trade calls in the commodity trading of commodities market.

We specialize in gold, silver and crude oil. We provide daily data to our customers as well as news. A commodity market is a virtual place to buy, sell and exchange raw or primary products. You see, the beauty of the market is the unpredictability. We provide personal assistance for our clients and try to make them happy. The commodities market includes metals like gold and silver, energy like crude oil and natural gas, and many more.

In COMEX, we provide two things for customers, firstly signals which help customers in trading. Secondly education, As a result, of which customer enhance their knowledge too. We try to minimize losses. In other words, We do not want more and more profits for customers but consistency in profit, in conclusion, it leads to satisfaction. Trading in commodity depends on global factors, and we are working 24*5 to fetch those factors for our customers.

The market tells itself where it wants to go with the language of charts and fundamentals. All we do is an interpretation of that language. All there is need to understand that language. Our researchers from their desks provide signals and cover each aspect possible. We are covering clients from all over the world and serving them in the best manner. TradeVinder also focuses on risk management.

For our valuable customers, we have designed various packages. Customers can choose according to their profile. For COMEX plans,  Click Here to Buy Now

COMEX refers to commodity exchange market. Commodity market consists of primary futures and options for trading metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum). For trading in metals, COMEX is the world’s largest Futures and Options (F&O) market.
In this segment we also include energy (Natural gas, Crude oil etc.)