Beauty Of Trading

Beauty Of Trading

Imagine yourself as a beginner in Trading you are just watching the market and thinking it is very easy. The market will go up and I will make money but at that movement, a beginner can ignore risks involved. A market where you take a trade is supreme and this is the beauty of market which we also call uncertainty.

A beginner joins the market, in his initial transactions he gets profits and becomes greedier and from that point, he starts losing his money. With the hope of pries coming back to the level that trader is not booking losses and may or may not do averaging at lower prices but prices do down further.

Now further point has come when that beginner has booked loss and now panic situation arises. In such a situation now he wants to cover his losses. He again enters into the market with enthusiasm and works hard and enhances his knowledge about the market. This time that beginner is more cautious and has changed a lot in his trading schedule. This is the point where a beginner has started changing himself into a trader. Market teaches you by your experiences and many people lose hope with the loss. Dear all, Market is uncertain no one can predict the real market. Because the market, in other words, is future no one can be sure about the future. But YES there is probability.

We work with the highest probability so that what we have predicted can be true. There are certain factors that affect the future. On the basis of that effect, we make predictions that this can happen. In other words, everything happens on the basis of one sentence that is History Repeats Itself. So never be hopeless about losses in the market. What if today you booked loss remember tomorrow you will book more profits because in real-world good and bad both the things exist.

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